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2 years ago

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival - new brand, new beginning

Our JDIFF brand emerged with some fanfare at the launch of this year’s festival last week. It’s been a thrill to work with this this great event, and the launch marked a culmination of strategic and creative work that started last summer.

Our primary goal was to ensure the festival had its own identity: Despite 10 years of success, the festival had no consistent branding, and was at risk of being subsumed by the strength of the title sponsor’s brand.

We worked with the festival’s CEO, Joanne O’Hagan, to create a strong but flexible brand that still allowed each year to have its own visual theme, and that respected the requirements of their title sponsor. Roll on the 16th of February, when the brand will get to rub shoulders with Al Pacino, Glenn Close and Mark Wahlberg - among others! 

Credit to David Mannion for the photographs

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